7QT - Coffee, Exorcised Salt and Unfortunate Flowers

Can you believe that the last two Fridays I completely forgot it was Friday until the following day?  Yes.  It's true.  And on each Saturday I cried "oh no! Yesterday was Friday and I didn't post my 7 Quick Takes!" Terrible.
I mostly forgot it was Friday twice in a row because on both of those days we were hosting wonderful house guests!  The first was a newly-ordained friend, and the next week was my brother.  We thoroughly enjoyed both of their visits and they left behind a freshly-blessed house and a bag of delicious Brazilian coffee respectively.  #ittook4yearstogetmyhouseblessed #catholicfail

I really wish I took a picture of our friend in action while he was blessing our house.  It quick, but it was awesome.  I am so pleased that every room in this house has been thoroughly doused in holy water.

I now have a nice jar of exorcised salt.  #catholicwin

And coffee too!

Today is the last of Kelly's Link-toberfest posts! Last week she's asked how many Quick Takes we've all posted.  If I've counted right, this post should be my 20th Quick Takes posted over a span of 3 years.  Well, that's a convenient significant number for this post, but of course I wish I'd posted more.  Today she asked about our most popular posts.  I'm not sure any of them really are popular,  but this one from June 2013 has the most hits.

Number 5.  We really should just have 5 Quick Takes. Amen.

But really...

This happened on the campus of Notre Dame last Saturday:

Landscaping had just installed these lovely red and gold mums and the Basilica just had these lovely red and gold flower arrangements delivered.

All just in time for Notre Dame to play the red and gold Trojans of USC.


"I just want all the SC fans here to know that these are NOT for you.  They are merely fall decorations. They mean NOTHING."  - Fr. P. Rocca C.S.C. before the Vigil Mass the day of the game.

Thankfully Notre Dame won the game.

Random fun(?) fact:  Yesterday it was confirmed that my younger son's head is 1/2 inch larger in circumference than his older brother's.  Guess they'll be switching winter hats.

I have decided to write a couple little posts for the coming week.  So check in over the next few days.  I really do want to get back into the blogging habit.  I don't really even know if anyone reads my blog, so if you do stop by and have a second, would you mind leaving a little comment?  A little encouragement would go a long way for me.

Go read more Quick Takes at Kelly's!

Happy Friday!


  1. I cannot believe those flower arrangements. Seriously?

    Please blog! I'm here!

    1. Yay! One reader! I'll blog for you, Holly :) There were so many Trojan fans grinning and taking pictures of the flowers. It was a nightmare.

  2. I drop by too! I'm just behind in my blog readings! Go Irish!