7 Quick Takes - Anniversary Edition

This week marks the 7th Anniversary of 7 Quick Takes!  I can't believe it's been that long.  Or maybe I can.  7 Quick Takes has always been my favorite link-up (except that I will always maintain that 5 Quick Takes would be sufficient).  I've been playing with the blog for the last couple weeks (do you see the updates!?), toying with the idea of coming back. When I saw Kelly's post I knew it was time. 
My first 7 Quick Takes post appeared June 14, 2013. I'm a little surprised I didn't do one before then. 

I have to say, looking back it's funny to see how much I have not changed over the past two years.  I still am not a morning person.  I still think yard sales start too early in the morning.  I can always use sleep.  And I may or may not be fudging the time stamp of this post. 

That being said a lot has changed since June 2013.  Our family's grown since then.  We have two little rambunctious boys instead of one.  The Hubs is in full-blown dissertation writing and teaching mode.  We've helped sell two houses (my grandmother's and mother-in-law's).  We've traveled a lot (of the event-attending, conference-presenting, and family-visiting type) I feel that we are much more established. 

Number 5.  We really should just have 5 Quick Takes.

My first 7 Quick Takes featured our next-door neighbor's chickens.  These chickens became a somewhat reoccurring theme in my posts.  Sadly one of the ladies next door has since passed on after being attacked by a dog.  That makes posting the 6 chickens as Quick Take #6 less significant, or should I just consider it a tribute to our feathered friend?

Well, that brings me back.  I hope I can keep this up.  I certainly don't consider myself a writer by any stretch, but it does me good to write. I hope some reader out there finds some entertainment or enjoyment in this blog. 

Happy Friday!

Linking up with Kelly! 

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