A Letter

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Dear friend,
You just found out you’re expecting. I know now is not the time you hoped this would happen. This isn’t what you planned...

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The Problem of Halloween

Halloween poses a really big problem.  I'm not even thinking about whether good Catholics (or any Christian) should celebrate this "pagan" day. I'm thinking just about the candy alone.

I don't want to buy chocolate candy and support abysmal labor conditions and even slavery.

I don't want to buy candy that's full of food dye. I'd feel guilty pumping kids full of that garbage.

I can't afford non-candy edible treats like bags of pretzels or goldfish.

I would love to make handmade treats like cookies or popcorn balls.  But that doesn't fly in today's world for fear that I'd be some psycho lacing them with drugs or poison.

I don't want to buy random, practically disposable non-food "treats" because I don't want to encourage our materialistic, throw-away culture

Maybe we should all agree that raw sugar packets are probably the best option for Halloween treats.  Okay?

Totally Legit Halloween Treat. Right?

But really. I live in a neighborhood where we get 200-300 trick-or-treaters, many of whom get "bused in" by their parents from impoverished and dangerous parts of the city.  Ignoring them is not a question in my mind.  These poor kids deserve to have some fun.  Many barely even have costume. I think I'll be opting for lollipops or something along those lines this year. 
What would you do?


7QT - Coffee, Exorcised Salt and Unfortunate Flowers

Can you believe that the last two Fridays I completely forgot it was Friday until the following day?  Yes.  It's true.  And on each Saturday I cried "oh no! Yesterday was Friday and I didn't post my 7 Quick Takes!" Terrible.
I mostly forgot it was Friday twice in a row because on both of those days we were hosting wonderful house guests!  The first was a newly-ordained friend, and the next week was my brother.  We thoroughly enjoyed both of their visits and they left behind a freshly-blessed house and a bag of delicious Brazilian coffee respectively.  #ittook4yearstogetmyhouseblessed #catholicfail

I really wish I took a picture of our friend in action while he was blessing our house.  It quick, but it was awesome.  I am so pleased that every room in this house has been thoroughly doused in holy water.

I now have a nice jar of exorcised salt.  #catholicwin

And coffee too!

Today is the last of Kelly's Link-toberfest posts! Last week she's asked how many Quick Takes we've all posted.  If I've counted right, this post should be my 20th Quick Takes posted over a span of 3 years.  Well, that's a convenient significant number for this post, but of course I wish I'd posted more.  Today she asked about our most popular posts.  I'm not sure any of them really are popular,  but this one from June 2013 has the most hits.

Number 5.  We really should just have 5 Quick Takes. Amen.

But really...

This happened on the campus of Notre Dame last Saturday:

Landscaping had just installed these lovely red and gold mums and the Basilica just had these lovely red and gold flower arrangements delivered.

All just in time for Notre Dame to play the red and gold Trojans of USC.


"I just want all the SC fans here to know that these are NOT for you.  They are merely fall decorations. They mean NOTHING."  - Fr. P. Rocca C.S.C. before the Vigil Mass the day of the game.

Thankfully Notre Dame won the game.

Random fun(?) fact:  Yesterday it was confirmed that my younger son's head is 1/2 inch larger in circumference than his older brother's.  Guess they'll be switching winter hats.

I have decided to write a couple little posts for the coming week.  So check in over the next few days.  I really do want to get back into the blogging habit.  I don't really even know if anyone reads my blog, so if you do stop by and have a second, would you mind leaving a little comment?  A little encouragement would go a long way for me.

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Happy Friday!


7 Quick Takes - Anniversary Edition

This week marks the 7th Anniversary of 7 Quick Takes!  I can't believe it's been that long.  Or maybe I can.  7 Quick Takes has always been my favorite link-up (except that I will always maintain that 5 Quick Takes would be sufficient).  I've been playing with the blog for the last couple weeks (do you see the updates!?), toying with the idea of coming back. When I saw Kelly's post I knew it was time. 
My first 7 Quick Takes post appeared June 14, 2013. I'm a little surprised I didn't do one before then. 

I have to say, looking back it's funny to see how much I have not changed over the past two years.  I still am not a morning person.  I still think yard sales start too early in the morning.  I can always use sleep.  And I may or may not be fudging the time stamp of this post. 

That being said a lot has changed since June 2013.  Our family's grown since then.  We have two little rambunctious boys instead of one.  The Hubs is in full-blown dissertation writing and teaching mode.  We've helped sell two houses (my grandmother's and mother-in-law's).  We've traveled a lot (of the event-attending, conference-presenting, and family-visiting type) I feel that we are much more established. 

Number 5.  We really should just have 5 Quick Takes.

My first 7 Quick Takes featured our next-door neighbor's chickens.  These chickens became a somewhat reoccurring theme in my posts.  Sadly one of the ladies next door has since passed on after being attacked by a dog.  That makes posting the 6 chickens as Quick Take #6 less significant, or should I just consider it a tribute to our feathered friend?

Well, that brings me back.  I hope I can keep this up.  I certainly don't consider myself a writer by any stretch, but it does me good to write. I hope some reader out there finds some entertainment or enjoyment in this blog. 

Happy Friday!

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Not Only to Nourish

Today I'm over at Nourish Motherhood again.

 We are called to nourish others, but we cannot forget that we need to be nourished too. I love the passage in John 13 when Christ washes the apostles’ feet at the Last Supper. The example of Christ’s humility, service, and generosity is so moving. I want to be like Christ! I want to follow Him and wash the feet of those around me. I know I’m not alone in this desire.
I like to skip down to the end of that passage and read: If I, therefore, the master and teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash one another’s feet. I have given you a model to follow, so that as I have done for you, you should also do.
But there is another side to this message. Remember what happens when Christ reaches Peter?...

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Marriage and the Cross

Even though I've not been here, today you can find me over at the new Nourish Motherhood site!

Shortly before my own wedding day, both of my parents pulled me aside at different times. “You know,” my father said, “marriage is wonderful and full of so many good things, but marriage is also a cross. Just remember that. Always keep the cross in sight.” When her turn came, my mother’s advice was the same but with a dramatic sigh and flourish: “Sometimes I look at your father, and I just see a giant cross standing there!”
At the time, in the exciting flurry of wedding preparations, I was both surprised and not surprised that my parents had separately given me the same piece of advice – their most important piece of advice, the key to their 35-year marriage, and the key to every marriage...
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Ecce Ancilla Domini

Ecce ancilla Domini

Behold the handmaid of the Lord

This has been echoing in my mind all day.

Haley over at Carrots for Michaelmas has an excellent post for today: Why Mary Has to Hold the Cards: Thoughts on the Annunciation, Assault, and Free Will.  The title startled me at first, but reading it made my day's meditation all the more clear.  You should read it too.

Ecce ancilla Domini

Have a blessed Annunciation! 

P.S. Next year Good Friday and the Annunciation fall on the same day.  Beautiful.  I cannot wait!