5 Updates because it's not Friday and I never reach 7 anyway.

I stink at blogging. You all knew that already.
Little Peep has come down with a terrible cold.  He's pretty miserable.  We'd thought about taking him to hear the Messiah last night, but did not buy tickets.  I'm glad we didn't because there's no way we could have lasted through it with him feeling so bad.

As needy as he's been, last night during dinner Peep said without any prompting "Thanks for making this, Mama!"  He then asked, "what are we eating?"  He very clearly was enjoying his mysterious dinner. 

Quesadillas - in case you were wondering.

St Nicholas came by the house the other night.  He brought Mr. Peep some random things Mama had lying around the house, but also a nice yellow train engine for Peep's beloved train set.
Peep was very excited to learn about setting out his shoes (which we did last year, but of course who remembers last year?) He was even more excited to leave an apple in his shoe as a gift for St. Nicholas and his horse.  Peep has been obsessed with Madeline in London recently.  In the story, Madeline and the girls give Pepito a horse for his birthday.  The horse ends up eating all the apples in Pepito's garden.  Peep loved the connection.


Cute but blurry.  In case you were wondering, yes I've got quite a bump now.  Peep is very excited for Baby.

The End.