Seven on the Thirteenth


Today is Friday the 13th.  Good thing superstitions are silly because I don't need a bad day.  It always amuses me when it is Friday the 13th though.  It's also a great excuse to cover for mistakes of the day. ;-)

 This past Sunday was the Feast of the Nativity of Mary. It was superseded by Sunday of course, but that did not stop in some intrepid Children of Mary officers from bringing a lovely cookie cake to brunch in South Dining Hall.  The fearless president lead the table in singing "Happy Birthday" to Our Lady.  
That's the Litany of Loretto on the cake

The Folk Choir (eating their breakfast the next row over) assumed we must have been singing to one of the girls standing by the cake.  Thus in a great display of amicability they burst out in their birthday song to their tune of Siyahamba (We Are Marching in the Light of God):

(You have to listen to link)

"Happy birthday! Happy birthday, oh! Happy birthday, happy birthday, you're so old! Happy birthday, happy birthday, oh! Happy birthday, happy birthday, Mary!!"

We all lost it. We were roaring with laughter.  Eventually one of the young men at our table went over and explained to some of his Folk Choir friends who's birthday we were celebrating.  They had no idea. 

Yesterday we went to the zoo! We met up with my coworker, her little ones and one of her friend's and her friend's son.  It was a great day for the zoo.  I was also glad that she is much more of morning person than I and so motivated me to get out and enjoy the day. The best part was seeing one of the elusive red pandas (above).  Those creatures is never out. Ironically all the animals that are normal guaranteed to be out were sleeping. 

After all of our company coming and going somebody declared that he'd had enough of dishes.  Enough he said!  He was determined to get a dishwasher into our small, poorly updated 1930's kitchen.  We eventually settled on the only truely viable option: a portable dishwasher.

We have to pull it out to use it and push it back into its corner when we're done.  It's a little awkward, but then honestly, the whole kitchen is awkward.

Right now it's in operation for the first time!  I hope it works!

The first dishwasher I've had since I moved out of my parents!


I have nothing more to say, except that my dishwasher seems to swish in time to Siyahamba.   That is mildly disturbing. So is Steve clapping/dancing at the end of that video.  I am sorry if that darn song is stuck in your head for the next 8 years.


Hmmm I just noticed there's a link to the picture of my neighbors' chickens under this #6 heading. Given that I usually just copy and past the numbers, that means there are probably links to secret chickens hidden in most of my other 7 Quick Takes posts.  I deleted this one.  Good luck finding my other secret chickens if they're there.  I'll have to look myself.

Here's a random picture of someone covering his legs with last year's chart stickers salvaged from the trash can at work.  Using about 50 stickers he covered both legs.  Getting them off was great.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Haha...chart stickers are a toddlers dream toy!! And love the SDH image....like all folk choir songs that one will now be in my head for days!!!