7 Quick Takes - Featuring an Announcement

Dear World:
I have an announcement!

Due April 1, 2014 - and that's no joke!
J and I are very happy to be expecting again.  I'm glad to share the news with all of you! 


I know, I know, you're all dying to know how I'm doing.  (Right? Of course you are.) Nauseous and tired.  Terribly nauseous.  As I'm going into the 2nd trimester things only seem to be getting worse.  That's not good!  The nausea is supposed to be going away!  P gave me some trouble, but never this much.  I'm pretty convinced that based on this the baby must be a girl.    


Sometimes the best way to handle feeling tired and icky is simply to stare at Facebook and Pintrest for awhile.  I have found some lovely gems in the process.   Like this: 10th Circle Added to Rapidly Growing Hell. 
Thank you, Onion.

Last weekend I had some delightful company in town - far better than just staring at the computer.  KK, my dear friend from back home, came out for a visit!  I was thrilled to finally take her around campus and show her all the things that have been so important to me over the last several years. Seeing her is always so much fun and I was sad she had to leave so soon.  Thanks for visiting, KK!  I hope to see you soon!


Speaking of the weekend,  I feel the need to share my Notre Dame football predictions for the next couple weeks.

This weekend we are going to lose and lose badly to Oklahoma.
Next weekend we are going to win against Arizona State, but I don't think it's going to be a great victory.

I have a theory.  I want to test it and see how accurate it is.


This child loves chicken.  LOVES chicken.  Chicken and eggs. Those two things are the only things that consistently sound good to me.  The funny thing is, when not in a pregnant state I don't particularly like either. In honor of Baby and for the amusement of my sister I've decide that all 7 Quick Take Posts will have hidden chickens.  Those chickens next door had better watch out.


Last but not least, this weekend one of my favorite ND Student organizations, Children of Mary, will have a concession stand by the bookstore at the south corner of the Eck Center.   If you're on campus this weekend, stop by and support them!  They won't have chicken, but I fully intend on patronizing them.

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  1. Congratulations!! Sorry about the nausea. I suffered from it terribly and I wish that I could say that I found a miracle cure, but I didn't! The only thing that I can say is to ask for and accept help (especially with the child you already have.) Allow yourself to rest and don't feel guilty!