Of Visiting and Visitors: 7 Things

Hello, World.  I've been gone for over a month! I can't believe it's been a month. Well, actually yes I can. Here let me catch you up on my adventures:

Much like the previous month, August was largely dominated by the theme of visits.  Before we embarked on our great journey of the month, we were blessed by a visit from some good old college friends and their son. Their visit was brief, but it was lovely catching up with them!
Our boys


The arrival of the above mentioned friends gave rise to a join birthday party - which was a tremendous amount of fun. Martha reported - you can see what she had to say.

The day after the day after party, we took a week and drove out to visit my in-laws.  From there we went back to work on my grandmother's house and also to celebrate some family birthdays.  Seeing the in-laws was fun. The celebrating part was fun.  The house part not so much.  Spending so many hours in the car: also not fun. 

Practicing his ABCs with his aunt.

Following the great journey of the month my brother and sister came to stay for awhile.  Their nephew was extremely spoiled by their presence - particularly his uncle's.  It is amazing he has survived their departure.

For Labor Day Weekend/the FIRST NOTRE DAME HOME GAME!!!!  a dear seminarian friend of ours was able to come visit.  We always love his visits, and this was no exception.  The weekend itself was very good.  Being on campus with all the celebration of the new football season was super exciting.  

Then September came and all our guests left.  That Sunday my brother, sister, and our friend all took their leave.  Our house felt very empty.  We sat up that night feeling like someone was supposed to be coming home any minute. I almost went to call to see when someone was coming home.  After 20 days of always having guests or being guests, something just seemed wrong.

Now, as of yesterday, my little sister is in Rome for a year!  I'm still processing this - I'm sure she is too, but hopefully she's doing it over a beautiful cappuccino or delicious gelato.  I'm not jealous. Really.

I am hoping she keeps us up-to-date with her studies and travels here.
A parting note - likely to not be erased until her return. 

P.S. Speaking of visitors: you can all start visiting my blog again.  I promise I'm going to try to post more! And, here's a link to Jen since I actually managed 7 things to say.

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