7 Super Short Quick Takes


Super short Quick Takes this week.  Super short is better than nothing at all, right?


We have company again this weekend!  Very fun! My brother has arrived yesterday and our favorite deacon arrived earlier today.  We are so happy we get to spend some time with them.


Peep is obsessed with Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site.  His grandfather gave him a matching game based on the book and Peep is obsessed with it as well.  Excavator is is most favorite machine.  Peep took this picture himself.


This is Willy the Wooly Bear Caterpillar.  Peep and his daddy found this little guy a few weeks ago and Peep decided to keep him in his bug jar.  Initially I was in favor of this.  Peep is already familiar with the metamorphosis process thanks to Peep and the Big Wide World, so how exciting would it be to experience it in real life? Peep loved the idea too.

Unfortunately, Willy was ravenous.  I quickly figured out his favorite foods (dandelions and magnolia leaves), but I was not up for foraging for his favorite food every morning.  Also, apparently caterpillars are excellent producers of massive quantities of poop.  Dumping his poop every morning got really old really fast.  Unfortunately Peep was not interested in sharing responsilibty in maintaining his new pet.

After two weeks I realized Willy's rapid food consumption was decreasing and therefore he probably needed to get to work on making his cocoon.  Either we let him go now or supply him with a cocooning stick/mulch pile and commit to having him in all winter.  So for a few days we repeatedly asked Peep if he was ready to free Willy.  Everyday he said no.  One day Peep and I made it as far as the backyard and were preparing to set him free.  Then Peep broke down in tears.  He just couldn't do it.  He wanted to keep Willy.  Willy didn't need to go make a cocoon, Willy needed to stay.  It was a very piteous scene and the caterpillar remained captive. 

Then Peep's favorite Uncle showed up for the weekend.  Even though it was still so very hard, Peep took the initiative of  proudly showing him to his Uncle and then, with some coaxing, freeing Willy. We let him out in the grass near where he was captured.  We took lots of pictures with him and said goodbye.  Peep hoped to watch Willy make his cocoon, but Uncle and I explained that it takes too long to watch.  We promised Willy we'd look for him in the spring when he'd be a beautiful butterfly (er...moth).   
It's tough being a 3 year old melancholic.

Happy Friday!
Deep dark secret:  I wrote the majority of this on Friday but had to attend a crying Pebble before publishing, so this is getting posted on Sunday.  But you know what? I'm back dating it just because I can.   I don't want to have to rewrite things.

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