7 Quick Takes - The Rest of September Summed Up

After resolving to start blogging again, I missed 7QTs two Fridays in a row.  Instead of blogging I was playing way too many rounds of matching games with Peep.   I was also gearing up to have a house full of friends!

But now I have time to type as I sit here comforting Peep who just suffered his first busted-up lip.  There's nothing like a few episodes of Peep and the Big Wide World and Mama's arms to dull one's pain.

The Saturday before last these awesome people came into town and thus were the cause of great celebration.  We'd planned a nice little barbecue, but then upon remembering that the current grill in this household is about the size of a large book, we downgraded to just brats and hot dogs.  Dinner plans were further foiled when the thunderclouds rolled in, the heavens opened and the men got out of grilling while the ladies did the job on the stove.

Despite the weather, we had a great time!
Party Animals
I'm still impressed by how well the children played.  Peep was very excited for "ALL [his] friends" to come over.  Before the guests showed, we spent a little time roll-playing what to do when his friends wanted to play with his treasures. I was one proud mama because Peep's biggest meltdown was not over sharing but rather the scary lighting and thunder. 

This past weekend some of the party returned for an encore.  In addition to more fun times with fun people I managed to coerce my sister into running her first 5K!  Notre Dame Right to Life sponsored the race to benefit Women's Care Center. Irresistible!

Now I had not run since Pebble was conceived and barely started running again before that.  The last 5K I ran was high school.  My sister had never, ever run for fun.

With a firm belief (on my part) that this would be a fun challenge and no pressure to compete since "walkers [were] welcome" we signed up.

For having no training whatsoever, I think we did pretty darn good.  Our times weren't stellar, but we came in under my goal.  We ran almost the whole the first half and alternated walking and running for the second half.  My sister seemed shocked when I told her to leave me behind and keep going.  She didn't understand how she "had more energy" than me, the enthusiastic, former runner.  Well, my dear, the fact that there is a decent age gap and I am still less than 6 months postpartum might have a little something to do with it!

We look so confident pre-race. hahaha (photo: NDRTL)

The Sis hanging with her nephews post race.

Other gems from the last several weeks include the following:

In a most disappointed tone:
"Oh no.  My paper's been accepted."  - The resident theologian upon finding out he's 3 for 3 for conference paper acceptance.

Question of the week:

Should you frequently clean your preschooler's chair at the kitchen table.  Why yes you should:
Before. Ugh.

After. Ahh.

Will he keep it clean after you scrub it? Absolutely not. He will spill his drink all over it as soon as you take a picture.


You can't make this stuff up:

Boys playing happily together.  Mama takes advantage of the moment to send a work-related email. 
Sent!  Mama notices a strange reduction of noise in the other room.  Goes to investigate. 

Mom: Where's Pebble!? 

Peep giggling:  I put him in the closet!  He wanted to see my things.*

Mom opens the closet door to find a smiling, giggling Pebble.

Peep:  See! He likes it!

*the numerous toys not scattered on the floor.
Peep apparently likes locking people in closets.  I came home from work the other day to discover that Peep had locked his father in a closet too.  Thankfully Peep managed to unlock it before the door had to be kicked open.  Looks like I'm next in line...uh oh...

Happy Friday!

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  1. Every kid has got to have a talent

  2. Bahahahahaha! I seem to remember locking a sibling or two in a closet... and kudos to you for the 5K! I haven't run since... ummm.... that time we lived together in SB. Eesh...