Pinteresting: Cell Phone Holder

This was one of the very first pins I pinned when I joined Pinterest - possibly the first.  It's great idea:

Idea of the Day
Take an empty bottle, cut it off so it fits your phone, leaving at the top a little loop to hang off the charger.  Decorate as desired.

The original pin is very pretty.  She took the time to delicately round and smooth all the edges.  She mod-podged this cute fabric to it.  It looks glorious and functional!

My take on it is a little less polished, but I don't care.

I took an empty shampoo bottle and a knife. That's all.  No fancy-shmancy stuff here.  I think to myself "hmm, maybe someday I'll decorate it."  But really why bother?  I did remove the labels at least.

I use this thing every time I charge my phone.  It allows me to plug the phone into an outlet in the kitchen that hangs above the dish rack.  The holder keeps the phone out of the dishes and away from grabby little hands that would love to play with Mommy's phone and rip the charger out.

The only thing I would note is to make sure the bottle accommodates both the phone and the charger.  My phone is not smart at all. The charger attaches to the side.  That added an extra 1/2 of an inch to the phone's width because of the plug and curving cord.  I had to chop extra bottle off to get it to fit.  Not a big deal, but just mildly annoying since I thought I was done.  


  1. I love that you did this! I may have to try something similar because my cord situation is often a mess. I also love that I recognize your shampoo bottle. I love the shampoo at your house. Hahahaha

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