7 Quick Takes: July 12 Edition

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Whoa! It's Friday again?  This week went by quickly.  I'm pretty sure that this entire week I had a very poor grasp on time.  I'm okay with that though.  So here we are linking up with Jen.
Please keep Martha's little guy A in your prayers. I know this week's been a rough one, and while they are (thankfully!) home for now, I'm sure they'd appreciate many more prayers.

I am angry at Google right now.  First they took away Reader.  Now I log into my email and get "Meet the new inbox!"  NO, THANK YOU.  I don't like change.  I hate it. 

Maybe these new tabs things will be helpful, but right now I don't like them.

Oh and Facebook too!  Why? Why? Why?  I've come to expect constant change from Facebook, but it is still irritating.

Tomorrow should be interesting.  Our neighbors have organized a block-wide yard sale.  I don't have much to sell - just one thing really the Organjo.  I know some people are going to be heartbroken about this (really, I'll be heartbroken if it doesn't go.  Actually, I'll be happily surprised if it goes). 
What is the Organjo?  An old Hammond electric organ we got for free.  It has a "banjo" voice - hence the name.  Sorry to all the people who will be sad to see it go.  It was a great party conversation piece.


 Speaking of selling things, I'd like to put in a plug for my cousin's new company!

She and some friends have started UGo Bars - a company that bakes and sells healthy energy bars.
$2.00 a bar (a handmade, homebaked bar!) they are currently featuring a cherry-cacao flavor.
You can place an order via email and it will ship from Bloomington, IN straight to your door!

Go like them on Facebook and place an order!


The other day I finished reading Confederates in the Attic which was recommended to me. (See #6)  It was a really fun read.  The book started a flurry of Civil War mania in this household.  The hubby picked up and blew through both The Killer Angels and The Last Full Measure (not his first time reading either).  It was so inspiring that when we took my brother-in-law to the "beach" this was built:


I still think 5 Quick Takes would be enough.


  1. Flickr changed too....what is next???
    gah, it gets annoying...esp the facebook.

  2. I hate the flickr change too! I hates it all. Thankfully I didn't use google reader anyway. I'd be super annoyed.

    I'm definitely going to check out the UGo bars. $2 isn't bad, standard store ones are $1 but you don't get the homemade fun of it! Way to go for your cousin!

    I have a hard time with the 6th and 7th takes most weeks. Sometimes it is funy trying to wrack my brain to find something of substance though!