7 Quick Takes: June 27

The new normal is slowly emerging.  Of course it is being foiled by the ever-changing sleep patterns of our newborn...and toddler.  Who's children are these who wake up at 6:00am?  There are no early birds in this family.  Someone must have abducted them and replaced them with these terrible early morning-risers.

The other day a friend asked for tips to keep her three year old from treating the furniture like a jungle gym.  I don't have the best answer for this one, but I do have this little exercise trampoline handed down to me by my parents.  They bought it to answer this very problem when I was a little rapscallion.

Most of the time Peep just jumps to his heart's content, but recently he's decided that maybe it would be really cool to combine the trampoline with the furniture.

Apparently the coolness is further increased by rearranging the furniture and dragging the trampoline as close as possible to Mommy and his nursing brother.
So for now I'm settling for him jumping off the furniture onto the trampoline rather than jumping up and down on the furniture.  It's something - right?

One of the few glories of my week has been edging the patio and sidewalk.  It's amazing how hard it is for grass to grow on the lawn and how easy it is for it to grow on concrete and brick.

 Inches!  Inches of reclaimed patio!

Snow boots in summer?  I've heard a lot of kids go through this. 

Speaking of winter, I felt a little guilty as I logged some Christmas books on Peep's reading list for our library's summer reading challenge.  He found them and we read them. Hopefully librarians don't judge.

Echoing Amy's post earlier today: "Here I am, former Notre Dame grad, now a completely brain-dead mom...."

After an embarrassingly long time, I've finally cracked open a book that doesn't have a picture on every page.  Fittingly my own summer reading, is Jen's book Something Other Than God.

I've had it in hand for two days, am about halfway through, and hate having to put it down.  Read: This book is AWESOME and without children it would have been finished in one day. 

Amy also reminded me that I actually own A Mother's Rule of Life. I started reading it while expecting Peep, never finished, and until today totally forgot about it.  Oops.  It might behoove me to find it.

I mentioned the children have been rising early.  They've also been going to bed late.  It's 10:30 and Peep just went to sleep.  Pebble is still up.  Yikes.

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  1. Totally agree with you on SOTG. I had to read A Mother's Rule for Life for our marriage prep and I've read it once or twice but it is a staple on the bedside table. Currently I'm reading Cherished and Chosen which is a good read.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Joanne!

  2. Ugh to early risers! We've got two of those. Andrew and I take turns sleeping in.

    (And isn't today your birthday?! Happy birthday if it is!)

    1. Yes! And happy birthday to you too! :) Best birthday to have! ;)