7 Quick Takes - March 14

Well, back again.  Probably only for a brief time.  I'm nearing the 38 week mark here.  Full term! The baby bump is...well...huge.  I've been feeling very drained.  This winter has taken a lot out of me (see my last post - and that wasn't even all of it.)

Two weeks ago today my wallet was stolen.  Not fun.  Monetarily I lost very little.  What I really lost was my  sanity  flash-drives on which were projects for work, pictures of Peep, and all sorts of things.  I know I am a silly person for doing so, but I'm holding out hope that these things will some how be found and returned to me.  If you'd be so kind, could you say a prayer to Sts. Anthony and Jude for me? 

The day before my wallet was stolen, my cell phone decided to give up its ghost.  I took the leap and got a smartphone. I'm still getting the hang of using it.  I feel like such an old lady.  I miss the tactile nature of my old phone.  It's much easier to feel for buttons and go about your business than this touchscreen stuff that all feels so smooth, glossy and homogenous.  No wonder so many people walk around with their noses glued to their phones.  If you want to do anything, you have to take the effort to make sure you're touching the right area of the screen.

One of my favorite quotes from a good friend came up while J and I were phone shopping:  I want it to be my tool NOT my friend.

Speaking of this, Michele just so happen to address this issue yesterday.  Check it out.

Would you like to see my bump? Of course you would, because this is the age of over sharing!  See! See!  See how big it is?  A random old lady at a store came up to me yesterday: "Are you having TWINS!?!?!"  No, no, ma'am, I am not.  But thank you for at least not touching my tummy.

The above mentioned store happen to be Best Buy.  We were camera shopping.  You see, not only have the car, house, phone, wallet all taken hits over the last two months, but so has my camera.  And as you can see above, the camera on my new phone kind of stinks.

Do any of you dear readers have any camera recommendations?  Nothing too expensive or fancy or big.  I would like to find something very soon because I do very much want to take pictures of Baby when he comes!

From what I've looked at so far, I've been very annoyed by the seemingly endless menus you must plow through to find different settings.  Likewise the all these "smart" and "intelligent" cameras concern me.  want to be in control.  want to tell it what to do.  Again,  I want it to be my tool NOT my friend.

Any recommendations?

I would like to give a giant shout out to my awesome brother! He arrived late last night to spend a couple weeks with us entertaining Mr. Peep.  Peep just absolutely adores his uncle and has been begging for him to visit since we last saw him at Christmas time.

A lot of people have been raising eyebrows at this concept.  "Why is your brother coming out for the baby and not your mother?"

Well, for the record, my brother has not come out "for the baby" in the sense most people think.  He has come out for Peep.  Being a 2.5 year old boy with more energy than the Energizer Bunny and more bounce in him than Tigger, his favorite hobbies include sitting on the floor playing with trains, bouncing on anything that will bounce, riding on shoulders, "wraseling," tickle-fighting, and tackling.

Now who do you think is best suited for these games?  A large and tired me? My mother? My husband who is currently holed up in the library (see below)?  Or my awesome brother who excels at all of Peeps favorite hobbies?

THANK YOU, dear brother!  You are my hero!

And so I come to my final point:  My brother is not out here just because of the impending arrival of his second nephew, but also because on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this coming week J takes his written doctoral candidacy exams.   So much energy has been poured into the preparation.  So much stress.

Please keep J in your prayers! Thank you!

Sts. Patrick, Cyril of Jerusalem, and Joseph are good saints to look out for you.

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  1. Thanks for the link! And definite prayers for J!!!

  2. I know you don't want something too expensive, but I don't think you'll regret it if you shell out for a DSLR camera. We got the Nikon D5200 when E was born and I'm so glad. I just invited you to my secret Facebook page for E--check out the baptism photos. This camera shoots in low light so well, church photos look as good as outside photos. You have a growing family and a good camera is worth the investment because the photos will last forever.

    1. A DSLR is my dream! The biggest thing holding me back (next to the fact that it would be expensive) is that little hands like to play with Mommy's things. I'd be terrified that it would be broken too soon. That being said, you are so right about the importance of photos. Such a hard decision!
      The pictures of E are gorgeous! She is so beautiful! Thanks for the invite. I need to go like them all now :-)

  3. i'm so with you about the "tactile nature" of dumb phones vs. smart phones!! my phone isn't even technically a smart one, but it's now mostly touchscreen, which drives me crazy....i used to be able to call the hubs on speed dial without looking at the phone at all bc i had keystrokes memorized and could feel what i was doing. it was super handy while driving! now i can only dial when i'm at a stop light...and i don't even really like doing that so much....

  4. Okay, I've tried to comment a couple times with no luck for some reason. Trying again...

    If you're looking for a new camera, I'd recommend any Canon. I've had them at several price points, and even the cheap ones are great. Let me know if you want any specific recommendations, and I can come up with some.

    Sorry that you had to get a smart phone. :-( The good news is that the lack of buttons means that I never talk while driving anymore, but I do miss that sometimes.