St. Thomas and Sheep

The other day was the birthday of my very dear friend, "The Roommate." Remember her from the Sober Sophomore days?

She is one of the most sweetest and most crafty people I know.  And by crafty, I mean this in two ways:
First she is skilled with her hands. She can make, paint, or draw just about anything.
Secondly, she is sneaky. In college she was known by some of us who lived with her as "Sneaky ___" because for as quiet and unassuming as she might be, you never really know what she is up to.

She is one of the greatest friends in world.

Growing up I had the joy of attending the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival almost every year. It was always so fun and exciting! I have so many fond memories of those days. Now, living so far away, I miss being able to go.

Knowing this, my dear Sneaky ex-Roommate, who now lives within driving distance of the Festival, went this year and picked up some gorgeous alpaca yarn for me. I was so surprised when a little package arrived on my doorstep!  But the yarn was not the only thing she sent.  She also enclosed three darling needlefelted masterpieces:  St. Thomas Aquinas and 2 sheep!

Aren't they perfect? This picture doesn't do them justice. The detail on St. Thomas is amazing.  I'm pretty sure she could sell those for a pretty penny.  I'll sign up as her first customer! 

So what do I do with a friend who sends me gifts for her birthday?  I guess I just have to make sure to send her one for mine...good thing they aren't too far apart! ;-)

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