Wedding Bells

Congratulations to two very dear friends who were married this weekend!  May God bless them always!


A Brief Introduction

Well hello, friends! 

After a long hiatus of nearly 3 years, I have finally decided to step back into blogdom. We'll see how this goes. 

This morning I was helping the Little Sis gather her belongings from campus. We ran into one of her TAs.

"Excuse me, ma'am," he said (in good humor), "there appears to be a small child coming out of your backpack."
"Why yes," I replied, "that is what happens to books after graduation.  They sprout into children."

Okay, so that's him not me, but you get the idea.
Amazing how that happens. 

Yes, we are still in the shadow of the Dome, still in touch with academia, still working as a pregnancy counselor, but now with the added joy of a child in tow.  And he makes all the difference! 

I realized that the old blog was a work unto itself and the new dimensions of my life demand a new space.  Thus we have moved from The Sober Sophomore to The Sophomoric Mama.

I don't intend to write just a "mommy blog," but rather to keep it along the same lines as the old one.  A little of this, a little of that - mostly my own sophomoric musings. That being said, I realize that just as motherhood is a dominant theme in my life right now, so will it most likely become on the blog.  But the title says it all: so you have been warned!

P.S. And posting will probably be sporadic.  Don't expect anything too great here.